Information about eduroam

What is eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their wireless device.

Our institution already has great wireless. Why do I need eduroam?

Eduroam is not a replacement for the existing UCCS wireless networks, it is a complement to make our guest network and our community compatible with other eduroam participants.

Who can use the eduroam SSID at UCCS?

Anyone from a participating institution. This facilitates productivity for visiting faculty, students, and employees while they are away from home, without any additional configuration to their computers or mobile devices.

Note - if you are a UCCS student, faculty, or staff member, if you are on campus you should connect to the UCCS-Wireless network.

Map of participating institutions who offer the eduroam network:

Using eduroam on the UCCS campus

The eduroam wireless network provides a wireless connection in many locations across campus, including inside most buildings and in many outdoor locations. In order to gain access to this network  In order to use this network, you must be visiting from an educational institution who is an eduroam member. This will allow you to use your home institution's username and password to join the eduroam network while on the UCCS campus.

If you are a UCCS student, faculty, or staff member, while on the UCCS campus you should connect to the UCCS-Wireless network.

For guests visiting our campus who require a wireless connection but are not from an eduroam institute, please connect to the UCCS-Guest wireless network and follow the information provided for guest options.


Joining the eduroam wireless network requires you to meet either one of the two conditions below...

  • You have a UCCS username and password (however, if you are a UCCS student, faculty or staff member and you are on the UCCS campus - then you should connect to the UCCS-Wireless network)
    .... or ....
  • You have an account through your home institution, which is a participating institution with eduroam.

If neither of the above apply to you, please visit the UCCS-Guest information page for information regarding guest wireless access.

Using eduroam off campus

As previously mentioned, the eduroam network is a shared network across the academic community. UCCS students, faculty, and staff while visiting a participating eduroam institution can utilize the eduroam wireless network for secure internet access.

When connecting to the eduroam network at a participating institution, you will use your UCCS username and password for access.

Only connect to legitimate eduroam networks

Be sure you are only connecting to legitimate, verified eduroam access points. These are usually only found on the campuses of eduroam institutions. If you see the eduroam network being broadcast at a coffee shop or an airplane, it is likely a fake network and you should NOT attempt to connect to it.

You can verify where legitimate eduroam networks can be found by visiting this site:

How to connect to eduroam

Below are general steps to help you connect to the eduroam wireless network. For more detailed steps, further below are links to more detailed instructions based on your device and OS type.

These steps are geared towards UCCS students, faculty and staff. If you are visiting UCCS from another eduroam institute, you will use your home institutes full username, and checking your auth server certificate will be different than outlined below.

General Steps:

  1. Make sure your wireless adapter is enabled
  2. Choose eduroam from your list of available wireless networks
    1. If you are prompted to select more specific authentication or security types, choose: 802.1x, PEAP & MSChapV2, and/or WPA-ENT.
  3. Enter your full UCCS username with "" on the end (for example: [email protected]) and your password.
  4. Check and accept the server certificate if prompted. The server certificate fingerprints should match one or both below:
    1. SHA-1:  7F EF D3 17 14 12 50 59 1B B9 C0 CA D7 D6 C6 CC FB D6 03 45
    2. SHA-256: 24 96 3E 77 CA 8C 98 AA 36 4B 07 C0 D6 63 16 7B 40 3A 68 BC 72 C2 7F 57 0C A1 E2 85 BB 8F E1 F3
  5. Once connected, try to browse to any favorite website and make sure you have internet connectivity.

Detailed Steps based on your device or OS type:

Contact our Help Desk for technical support

For technical support please contact our Help Desk:

Where is wireless on the UCCS campus?

UCCS-Wireless, eduroam and UCCS-Guest wireless networks are available inside nearly all buildings on campus. These wireless networks are also broadcast outdoors in many places on campus. Click here for a map of current outdoor wireless coverage: Outdoor Coverage Map